THERMOTECH is a company involved in the production of stainless steel heat exchange plates.
The professionality of our technicians, the production system and the welding technology, give to our product a very High standard quality.All our plates are made by stainless steel series 300, but on request is possible to have different alloys, different thicknesses and different finishings.

Our plate can be used in more than one field: chemical industry,food industry, winery industry, extile industry, tannery, heat recovery and more.

The dimension of our company gives us the possibility to be very flexible in programming the projects and the production. Our strength is to offer the customer different solutions, that can be our standard products or a special one, made according to the customer's needs.


Why do you should use THERMOTECH heat exchange plates ?

Our plates are manufactured in a very simple but efficient way. It consists in inflating two stainless steel plates partially welded, in order to obtain an internal canalization, so that the heating cooling fluid passes through, getting in contact with all the plate surface.

In this way it's possible to use lower thicknesses for the plates, reducing costs and maintaining an optimal heat exchange with a minimal thermic inertia.

Many fluids can be used in the plates:

Diathermic oil
Ammonia and more
Depending the fluids, flow rate etc., our technicians can suggest to our customers dimensions, thicknesses, circuits, welding points distance, height of canals etc., for the required plates.